Publish in a subscription-based journal 

With a Copyright Assignment Statement, you have substantial rights, such as the archive itself: "Authors may archive manuscripts of their accepted author-accepted articles on their own websites. Authors may also store versions of this article in any repository, as long as they are only publicly available 12 months after official publication or thereafter. He may not use the publisher version (final article) ), which are posted on journals and other Discover Publishing Group websites, for their own archives or storage. Further, authors may only destination versions with approval of the publication source and a link is included to the article published on the journal's website. Previous versions of articles published on non-commercial preprint servers such as may remain on this server and/or reside on this server and/or may reside on servers accepted by the author. The final published version (in PDF or HTML/XML format) cannot be used for this purpose. Acknowledgments need to be given for final publication and links must be included to articles published on the journal's website. When publishing articles in a subscription journal, without open access, the authors file a Copyright Transfer Statement (CTS) that also details the Discover Publishing Group's self-archiving policies. 


Publish open access 

If you publish your article in the open access model, the final published version can be archived at the repository agency or fund person and immediately accessible to the public.