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Akhmad Nurokhman
Sarif Surorejo
Rifki Dwi Kurniawan
Gunawan Gunawan


This research aims to develop a disease and pest detection system in chili plants using computer vision techniques. In this study, deep learning methods, especially Convolutional Neural Networks (CNN), were applied to identify and classify various types of diseases and pests that often attack chili plants. The data used included images of chili leaves infected with various diseases and pests, which were then trained in CNN models to recognize certain patterns that indicate the presence of infection. The results showed that the developed system was able to detect and classify diseases and pests in chili plants with a very high degree of accuracy. The novelty of this research lies in the use of computer vision techniques combined with sophisticated deep learning algorithms to automatically detect diseases and pests, which were previously done manually by farmers or agricultural experts. These findings make an important contribution to improving efficiency and effectiveness in chili crop health management, offering innovative solutions to support agricultural sustainability through the use of advanced technology.


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Nurokhman, A. ., Surorejo, S. ., Kurniawan, R. D. ., & Gunawan, G. . (2024). Application of computer vision techniques to detect diseases and pests of chili plants. Journal of Intelligent Decision Support System (IDSS), 7(1), 10-18.
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